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FF for IOS is Bugware

Making moves


Currently FF for IOS is not usable! If you switch to another application and return to FF, the browser restarts and asks for cookies. If you were logged in to a website, the login is gone and you have to log in again. Also the previously set zoom factor is forgotten. Really highly annoying!


Making moves

It's frustrating to experience such issues with the Firefox (FF) browser on iOS. The problem you've described, where the browser restarts and forgets login information and settings like zoom levels upon switching between apps, is indeed highly inconvenient. To address this, you can try the following:

  1. Update the App: Ensure you have the latest version of Firefox installed on your iOS device, as updates often include bug fixes and improvements that can resolve such issues.

  2. Check Privacy Settings: Review your privacy settings within the Firefox app to ensure that they are not overly restrictive, causing the browser to forget cookies and login sessions.

  3. Report the Issue: If the problem persists, consider reporting it to Mozilla, the organization behind Firefox. They rely on user feedback to identify and address bugs and usability issues in their browser.

  4. Consider Alternatives: While waiting for a resolution, you may want to explore alternative iOS browsers that better meet your current needs.

Issues like these can be frustrating, but staying up to date with app updates and providing feedback to developers can help improve the overall user experience.