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FF confused by screen size changes

Making moves

This has been an issue since very early versions of Firefox, across many of my computers.
My laptop is connected to a docking station with external screen(s), with a high resolution, and I use FF in non-maximized mode.
I put the laptop into sleep mode and detach it.
I wake it up and now it only has the laptop screen, with lower resolution than the external screen had, and FF is very confused. The top bar is high above the physical screen, so I can't click the maximize button (top right corner).  The only way to resolve it, is to click Ctrl-F11 (full screen), then the X (close FF), restart FF. Now it re-reads the screen size property and usually work as normal again.

I do hope this can be corrected, as it has really been bugging me for many years now. Finally I found this way to submit this "bug report/suggestion".


Making moves

Did anyone see this?  🙂


Familiar face

Yes, sometimes it happened to me to plug the laptop to a tv and see jolted proportions, to ensure that it never change you should check which mode is set between Only PC screen, Duplicate, Extend and Only second screen, then on resolution settings set the max resolution for both screens so they may not change by themselves even after unplugging. Usually you can also edit external screen settings to adapt to laptop ones, like moving a bit the screen square to left, right, up and down and colour depth. When you connect a screen supporting higher resolutions it can happen that once unplugged your laptop resolution or windows don't set to the usual resolution, maybe Firefox don't adapt clearly as other windows do. For me, on those cases Firefox simply still use the external screen resolution instead of switching back to the laptop resolution, this is my best explaination.