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FF 106.0.1 for Mac – why does it exist?

Making moves

I see there's now Firefox 106.0.1 out. After updating, I go to check out what's new, as always.

The only fix listed says:

"Addresses a crash experienced by users with AMD Zen1 CPUs."

The number of Macs with an AMD processor of any kind is precisely zero.

I even saw a release for Firefox 105 for which the only purpose was to fix a Windows bug – but Mac users still got an update. Before that, I seem to recall one targeted only at Linux – but Mac users got an update anyway.

Does this mean that Mozilla is now in the habit of releasing a new version when nothing has actually changed, just for the sake of version number parity across platforms?

I miss the days when a version number meant something, before the pointless race with Google Chrome began, and a .0 release didn't come every month. 🙂