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Feedback: Back button feature

Making moves

Firefox on PC user feedback:
I wish to report that it is extremely annoying when I click my Firefox browser's Back button in the upper-left of the screen, and instead of going back as I directed, it displays a drop-down menu of pages to go back to. Just do as I say and don't argue – go back one page as directed.

It's my understanding that the drop-down menu is supposed to appear if I click-and-drag instead of just single-clicking the Back button. This is not the case, and I find that I am regularly frustrated by Firefox not obeying my single-click command to go back one page.

Please get rid of the Back button drop-down menu. When I click Back, Firefox should go back one page, no questions asked (unless the last page was a security risk, or similar).



Hi Christopher, the drop-down appears if you right-click the button, but should not appear if you left-click the button. I wonder whether Firefox is having a problem understanding signals from your mouse. If this problem just started suddenly, hopefully it will resolve after a normal shutdown and restart of Windows.