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Every Firefox update breaks FF pinned taskbar icon (Win10)

Making moves

Everytime Firefox gets a new update the pinned taskbar icon somehow become an invalid link and Windows 10 ask me to delete the pinned icon.

Anyone know how to solve this strange problem?


Making moves

Install Firefox with standard type, it will be OK.

Screenshot 2024-03-26 102023.png

Install with custom type and don't create icons, run Firefox, right-click Firefox icon and select "Pin to taskbar", this pinned icon will be broken after updates.

Screenshot 2024-03-26 102225.png

Making moves

Thank you for trying to be helpful but the whole point (at least for me) is:

  1. I want firefox installed in Portable mode (different than Firefox Portable by I keep multiple profiles, in a different drive than C:\, and I keep them together in Firefox's installation folder.  (Makes life so much easier when dealing with Backups and Windows installations. It also keeps my Windows drive small and tidy. Finally, it's faster to read/write to 2 drives at once.)  
  2. I need to customize my shortcuts with extra options because:
    1. For security I always like my default browser to prompt me before opening, especially from external apps.
    2. I like to choose which Profile I want to run based on my privacy and extension needs.
    3. It's the easiest way to run in Portable mode, with multiple profiles.
  3. Firefox's upgrade routine modifies my custom pinned shortcuts, and tries to replace them every time. 🤬

I have a solution though..... See my next post below.

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Likewise, I have a completely separate (physical) Apps drive from my O/S drive. Never the twain shall they meet.

Because of this I have to go down the custom route.


Every other app can get this right and working, why can't Firefox.

Making moves

So I think the problem is Firefox modifies pinned shortcuts when updates.

Why it need to do that? 🤔

Making moves

Just started using Firefox this year and I have been having this issue since I started. I'm up to 9 different Firefox shortcut files in my TaskBar folder. Probably this is more of a Windows 10 bug than a Firefox bug, though I'd wonder why other programs don't have this issue. The shortcuts themselves work so it must be something with how the registry data for this is stored; but it's all in binary so I don't know how to interpret it to find what would be wrong with it, if anything. I might look into it a bit more the next time it happens.