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Enhanced Tracking Protection interfering with DISQUS

Making moves

Several days ago DISQUS comments stopped loading on any site that I use that has DISQUS.

This is happening on my Desktop and phone. I use FireFox on both.

The Problem goes away when I turn off Enhanced Tracking Protection. Was there a recent update for ETP? Will this be fixed?  I’m Currently operating without ETP


Making moves

The same happened to me with ;latest upgrade. Looking for solutions.

Thanks for the confirmation. I couldn't correlate the two events.

So it's a Mozilla problem

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I can confirm that the new version of firefox  won't load disqus. Also the new mobile stable version won't load it, and the beta mobile version is some week that does not load disqus anymore, so it is some new 'feature' in the current stable release of firefox desktop and mobile (android).

I always use enhanced tracking protection custom and before the update all was ok, I did not change a single settings.

Yes, I was using vanilla ETP - no customization. 
Turning it off is the only way to get DISQUS right now. Hope Moz figures this out


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Same issue here.

I've been looking around for a way to whitelist disqus, but didn't find anything. Only turning off ETP all together (for a specific site) works, but with the downside of also allowing many other things besides Disqus.

It would be nice to be able to configure what we want to block, like any ad blockers do.

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I looked around for White lists to update and only found one. DISQUS was already there

The only way out, at this point is to turn off ETP.   Still hoping Monzilla fixes this

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Apparently someething has been fixed remotely because now on the desktop version (121) I can see and use disqus in the commet section and I didn't change anything on my settings.

The problem persist on the mobile version.

Nope, it only worked for 2 hours or so, now disqus is locked again. I don't kwno, seems like something disqus is doing on purpose.

Making moves

I've been getting DISQUS just fine since I turned off ETP.  Even as we speak.

As a test I just now turned ETP on again and lost DISQUS.  I turned ETP off and DISCUS reappeared.  In my mind, this is definitely a problem with ETP

It definitely is. Just click the shield icon besides the site domain. Disqus is listed under the "content with tracking" section (or whatever the english translation is).

When you disable ETP for a specific site (or enable the "standard mode" instead of strict), that whole section is listed as "allowed", and then Disqus works fine.

Yes. Standard mode allows DISQUS to work again - thanks

Making moves

So I just turned ETP on and then let FF do an update. ended FF and restarted.

Same problem. TO have DISQUS ETP has to be OFF

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Thanks for reporting this issue with Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) , everyone. I ran into exactly the same after updating to version 121 on the 20th and all but decided it was my own fault, with no-one reporting it online that I could find.
The 2 machines at my disposal (on Windows 10 and 11) both show this behavior. Even after disabling all the add-ons (ABP could have been a problem, but wasn't).

The intermittent returns to proper operations were driving me insane 😅
Like right now it started working again 🙄

It is definitely not okay to have to switch ETP off entirely, so I added the affected sites to the Exceptions list.
But you have to know a site is using Disqus before you can do that. And worse, this allows all other actually malicious tracking trackers to report back too.

Hopefully Mozilla will either fix this soon, or give us a way to tweak ETP on tracker level instead of per website.

Making moves

The Default seems to be 'Strict' on the ETP settings. Changing to 'Standard' brings DISQUS back

You can also use the Custom ETP settings for a safer solution, that is closer to how Strict works:

  • Cookies to All cross-site cookies (may cause websites to break)
  • Tracking content to Only in private windows
  • Cryptominers on
  • Known fingerprinters on
  • Suspected fingerprinters to In all windows

As you can see, Tracking content is set to the option used in Standard ETP. The rest is still Strict, but do not interfere with Disqus.

Of course this is still undermining the whole concept behind Strict ETP, and FireFox should stop randomly switching between allowing and blocking Disqus as a content tracker.

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Yes. And thanks for the workaround.

DiSQUS is a big player and FF should be testing for that rather than just screwing everyone.

FF should fix this rather than force workarounds.


Making moves

After Firefox updated last night Disqus comments stopped showing for me. Turning of EPT worked for me.

Making moves

v 121.0.1 won't load disqus..😩.. Hope Firefox team fix this..

If you're on Strict mode, you have chosen to do so for a reason. It is not a safe solution to switch ETP off entirely. You could use this workaround instead.

Strict mode was apparently the default. Not my idea. I have set it to Standard mode as a work around and am hoping Mozilla pushes out another update to fix it so I can go back to Strict mode.

The problem is with ETP - The Default is Strict mode, Change it to Standard mode till Moz send us an update

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Are there any devs reading this? I'd love to help you reproduce this annoying bug.

Not that I know of.

Hope they monitor this and figure out the fix


Hello you can sort via Updated

If you wish, you can also contact
Report a bug

Making moves

I experience the same problem.
When I updated from 120.0.1 -to- 121.0 then disqus would not load, and neither would it load after updating to 121.0.1 – so the bug/change was introduced in version 121.0.

Release Notes

As far as I can see/understand there is no mentioning of changes to Enhanced Tracking Protection directly, so it is obviously a case of fixing one bug while introducing another..

I reinstalled Firefox 120.0.1 as it is the last version that works with disqus and my preferred privacy settings.

Making moves

Updated to v122.. Still disqus would not load..

Making moves

Here's how I'm limping through this until Moz sends an update that fixes it

The problem is with ETP - The Default is Strict mode, Change it to Standard mode

Maybel Moz send us an update some day


Today I Learned: There is a way to create an exception list for individual tracking sites. See:

Obviously (!?) there should be an easier way, but this seems to work for now.

Making moves

Good that fox filters that sht out, since disqus actually started selling your data lol. 😂