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emmm......Firefox is lack of the format support of .m3u8

Making moves
As titled, the firefox doen't work on the website using the .m3u8 format videos. So it will cause some content could't play on it.

Making moves

Actually, other brower can detect and download the .m3u8 content, hope the firefox can also do it.

emmm, I know this software and I use it. But I think it should only be a temporary solution. For most of the website's videos using .m3u8 format, it's hard to get the content because the website's owner usually embeds the video into web content, so it's hard to get the address of the video stream without the developer's toolbox.

I put up this discussion not only to solve this question, but also hope and advise the official can pay attention to improve and support the format of .m3u8 content. That's all.