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Dragon dictation not supported in Firefox?

Making moves

can someone anyone explain to me why the latest version of Dragon professional will not work in Firefox with my ASP application software? 

Have contacted Dragon and they tell me it is no longer supported in Firefox.

This has happened on several different occasions and each time they were able to connect me with the new link in which I could then enable Dragon as an extension but this is no longer working.

yet my colleague continues to use it in her electronic medical records which is identical to my version etc. it makes absolutely no sense!

the EMR ( oscar ) does work In chrome however it is nuisance and require several or multiple extra clicks and closes to get the job done




Are you getting this page:

[Speculation mode on] Maybe Mozilla told Dragon they would need to change how their add-on works and Dragon told Mozilla (and Firefox users) to p*ss off because it's too much trouble for them?

If your colleague's Dragon extension hasn't been blocked, it might have a different ID (that last part,, is the ID). She can check that by loading this internal page:


Type or paste that into the address bar and press Enter to load it, then in the left column click This Firefox, then scroll down and look for Dragon. The "Extension ID" is the critical part.

(With some effort, she could send you the XPI file for the extension, but if it's the blocked one, it probably won't help.)


Making moves

This is a quirky work around that I am using and just found.
If you say "open dictation box" the dictation box opens even while using Firefox
you say your text
then say "alt T"
the text is transferred to the search bar or your form field.
This entire reply has been done using this.

Making moves

Just dictating with Firefox open seems to work with version 121.0 (64-bit); I put the cursor in the appropriate field.