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Ctrl+Shift+C configurability

Making moves

Today, Ctrl+Shift+C (when text input focus is in a multi-line text box) does the same thing as F12, it opens Developer Tools.

In addition to being redundant, this is very frustrating when one uses ctrl-shift-c to copy from a terminal window all day, and opening Developer Tools unexpectedly is jarring and slow.

I'd suggest a setting in about:config to determine how Ctrl+Shift+C shall be handled.  either the legacy behavior, or as an alternative to Ctrl+C. 

Perhaps Ctrl+Shift+C could be copy without formatting so it does not become a duplicate of ctrl+c which would continue as normal to copy with formatting.

Any downsides to this?



I think "Copy Without Formatting" would be a completely new feature. What Firefox normally does is to place multiple formats on the clipboard, including HTML and Text, which allows the receiving application to choose what it wants to paste. You could create a new post on the "Ideas" side of this site (if it doesn't exist already) about adding "Copy Without Formatting" to the menu and/or as a keyboard shortcut.

Until then, if you just want to override Ctrl+Shift+C, you could try an add-on I created for someone a while ago. Please note that it only works in pages where Firefox allows add-ons to inject scripts. It can't work on protected sites or in the toolbar/sidebar area.