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Change Translations for Hindi Language, they are a problem.

Making moves

Hello, I use Firefox in `Hindi` language.

I would like to suggest a few changes in Developer Tools translation. So, most of the translated words used in it are very rarely used words and are thus difficult to understand. I have suggested some renames below.


EnglishCurrently in HindiMy Suggestion
Inspectorनिरीक्षकNo changes
Consoleनियंत्रक पटकंसोल
DebuggerडीबगरNo changes
Style Editorशैली संपादकसी.स.स एडिटर   or    स्टाइल एडिटर   
Performanceप्रदर्शनNo changes
Storageभंडारणस्टोरेज   or   गोदाम
AccessiblityपहुँचNo changes

And I know Google Translate shows some of these words as most popular, but that is definately not the case.

Thank You, I hope these changes get accepted.



You might be able to submit those changes directly on the following site:

I'm not positive, but I believe the following list covers translations within Firefox in Hindi:

If you use Find to look for devtools in that list, you'll find numerous pages. Unfortunately, I can't tell you which one(s) are relevant for your list of terms. Perhaps there's a better way to search.

If you try it, please let us all know how well it worked for you and how it could be improved.