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Bring Yandex back.

Making moves

I almost never used yandex as a search engine but I'm strongly against the decision to remove it from Firefox.

You just violated your own manifesto published at

You say that you are "committed to an internet that elevates critical thinking, reasoned argument, shared knowledge, and verifiable facts". But you didn't even post your arguments to remove yandex anywhere. Release notes are empty. It is really a shame for you.

If you can break your beliefs just to be on the same wave with other cancelers why will anyone ever believe in your sincerity. Google chrome is just making money from your data and it is OK as far as they don't hide under false "manifestos".

Peace to the world.


Making moves

I totally agree. I never expected that from Mozilla. Going against their own manifesto just to be inline with the US and EU sanctions. Even Microsoft has not removed yandex from their search engine options. Unbelievable neo-liberal fascism. Fire your CEO as soon as yesterday!

I 'm rendered speechless.

Making moves

Выбирал лису по идейным соображениям, сейчас крепко задумался...

Making moves

You betray your reason for existence.
free yandex again.

Making moves

100% Agree, this is messed up.

Mozilla's next step: tie your browser to a phone number for authentication and tracking, and if it's a Russian number, block it entirely.

I guess when you have 4% market share, losing 1-2% more by alienating the diehards is no big deal.

Making moves

So, what? Should I uninstall Mozilla and install Yandex Browser?

Or you might change your mind?

IMHO, it's rather silly decision

Making moves

FF еще может сделать правильный выбор.
Ждем следующего релиза и если выбор будет политизированным, то в очередной раз поддержим "отечественного" производителя.
Также на своих сайтах я для пользователей FF  буду выдавать информационное сообщение с описанием этой ситуации и предложение заменить браузер на любой другой кроме FF.

С нетерпением жду следующего релиза.


FF can still make the right choice.
We are waiting for the next release, and if the choice is politicized, then once again we will support the "domestic" manufacturer.
Also on my sites, I will issue an informational message for FF users describing this situation and a proposal to replace the browser with any other except FF.

Looking forward to the next release.

Familiar face

> With great power comes great responsibility.

— ironically, every spiderman movie

And it's not like big tech is taking it too seriously. They are either virtue signaling hurting communities or being pressured by governments.

Mozilla, blink twice, if you are being held hostage by market/a government.