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Bring back window sizing in Layout.

Making moves

The last update to Thunderbird just about made it unusable for me.  I have poor eyes, so I need text to be in a very large font.  In the past, I could squeeze down the header window to give me a larger reading area in Classic View.  Now I cannot squeeze down that window, and so the text area is only four lines high.  See image attached.

I could double click every email, and open each in a separate tab.  But that is slow, and cumbersome, and the header window still takes up over half of the screen space. 

I really don't need all that header info, and would be happy to have a 2 line header window.

I know I'm an exception to most folks with good vision, but it would be nice if your programmers didn't take away a feature that helped me in earlier versions of Thunderbird.Screen.png