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Bring back the address bar in iOS Firefox (without needing to open a new tab)

Making moves

The new update to Firefox is really not user-friendly at all. To ever see the search bar or address bar you have to open a new tab altogether, which results in having way too many open tabs at one time. This is really annoying and the result is I am switching to Chrome as my default browser. PLEASE FIX THIS! It's unnecessary and frustrating, especially for loyal users who have used Firefox as their default browser for years.


Making moves

I agree!  The June changes have really made FF less friendly, less useful, more complicated, including the one mentioned above - changing the most used links feature, vice having to open a new tab.  At the same time of FF changes - so it must have been FF changes - the feature for controlling my computer speaker changed adding additional steps.  I can't say anything worse than FF changes were as bad as Microsoft screw-up!