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Bookmarks, why two files?

Making moves

I love Firefox and have been using it on my iMac, probably since its inception.

With every upgrade I look forward to the Bookmark function being rationalised.

I have two Book mark files that don't match.

One on the top tool bar and one on the right of the address toolbar.

Why is this so?



Firefox stores bookmarks in three categories, and also offers a chronological view.

The three categories are:

  • Bookmarks Menu
  • Bookmarks Toolbar [also available as a fly-out list on the Bookmarks Menu]
  • Other Bookmarks [also available as a fly-out list on the Bookmarks Menu]

You can access these in a more obvious manner in the Bookmarks Sidebar (Command+B when the page isn't intercepting that to bold some text, etc.).

The chronological view is under menu > Bookmarks > Recent bookmarks.

Hopefully that explains why you see different things in different places. Are there some lists you want to consolidate?