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Bookmarks on IOS mobile

Making moves

Making bookmark on IOS mobile is a frustrating experience. It goes to the mobile root level and not to where all of my other bookmarks are (desktop bookmarks that are synched across devices). I can get the check mark to appear where I want it to go but there is no way to save it. Also, these is the cumbersome path to access synched desktop bookmarks from the homepage:

Hamburger button => Bookmarks => brings you to MOBILE bookmarks page => THEN Desktop Bookmarks page => Bookmark Toolbar page => then finally where I want to be. How silly & redundant. 


Making moves

I absolutely loathe how Firefox has to sequester mobile bookmarks into a separate folder and would really love to just have one bookmarks list that’s mirrored between the toolbar, bookmarks menu, and mobile app

Making moves

I understand that you're frustrated with the bookmarking experience on iOS mobile devices. While I cannot change the functionality of iOS itself, I can suggest a few workarounds that might help improve your bookmarking experience.

  1. Use a Different Browser: If you're using Safari as your default browser, you might consider trying out alternative browsers from the App Store. Some third-party browsers offer different bookmarking options or better syncing capabilities.

  2. Utilize the Share Sheet: Instead of directly bookmarking a webpage, you can use the Share button (the square icon with an arrow pointing upward) and select "Add Bookmark." This method allows you to choose the bookmark location, and you can navigate to the desired folder for your bookmarks.

  3. Organize Bookmarks: To make accessing your bookmarks more convenient, consider organizing them into folders on your mobile bookmarks page. This way, you can directly access the desired folder without going through the mobile bookmarks, desktop bookmarks, and toolbar pages.

  4. Search for Bookmarks: If you have numerous bookmarks and find it cumbersome to navigate through the bookmark hierarchy, you can use the search functionality within Safari. Simply tap the search bar at the top of the browser, enter the name or keyword related to the bookmarked page, and Safari will display relevant suggestions.

Making moves

iOS mobile bookmarking can be frustrating due to the lack of direct saving options to synced desktop bookmarks. To access synced bookmarks, you must go through several layers from the homepage, which can be cumbersome. Improved bookmarking and direct syncing options would enhance the user experience.

Making moves

One potential solution for the developers would be to allow users to pin a bookmarks folder to shortcuts on the Firefox homepage.

Making moves

Another solution would be to allow users to pin a specific bookmarks folder under the hamburger menu (settings).