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Am having trouble with 'context menus' which will not go away

Making moves

Reporting this issue: Happening on X and has been going on for about 4 or 5 days. When I hover over someone's profile link in any position on the screen, the equivalent of a 'context menu' pops up with their image and details in a small box and will just stay there and not go away as it is supposed to. Normally it disappears when you move the cursor off it, but they are just staying there static and not moving once you move the cursor off them. Sometimes you get multiples. It's basically stuck there and overlaying everything. The only way to remove it is to scroll the screen down so it goes up and out of sight beyond the top of the screen and scroll it back down and it is gone. If you only scroll up and down a bit it does nothing and the box stays there. You have to scroll enough that it goes off the screen and then bring it back again. I've tested it on another browser and it is working fine and does not happen. Using win10, all updates up to date on both operating system and Firefox, Nvidia GPU drivers all up to date (RTX 2070), memory is fine and actively monitored and cleared every 10 mins and never goes above 50%, 16GB ram,  nothing else running. Been doing it consistently since last update.



I think these little panels are built/displayed and removed by scripts connected to mouse events (mouse point entered/exited/is over the link). It sounds like there is a problem detecting that the mouse pointer has moved away from the link.

(Problems with basic "tooltips" like the title/URL ones you see hovering over a bookmark are more likely to be a Firefox bug or display card issue.)