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ai no thank you

Making moves

if mozilla goes the same way as edge with the adoption of ai. i am done with it. been using firefox for over 20 years now i am not interested in helping with the destruction or further dumbing down of humanity. so keep your chatgpt and ai off my computer.



Hi, your caution is warranted. Some people are cashing in on the sudden interest in ChatGPT by encouraging people to install untrustworthy add-ons. And even if the add-ons aren't spying on you, Open AI tells you that it uses your input as part of its development process.

Some features in Firefox have been available for so long that we can't remember life before them, such as searching from the address. But some people still don't even trust searching through the address bar, so there is a hidden preference to disable that. I assume that any AI features offered in the future will be even easier to turn off.


Familiar face

There will be standalone OpenAI ChatGPT apps for android and ios and there is already the ms start android app with it incorporated(searches and text gen. but no image feature). One is not forced to use addons.

AI can expedite the learning process, making us all more knowledgeable faster by making subjects more approachable and providing entry points for further study.