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Agresssive Move by Firefox that closed dozens of tabs I had open

Making moves

I typically have dozens of tabs open in Firefox that I bounce between as I work. I often open a separate Firefox window that I drastically reduce in size for streaming. Just now I had my main Firefox window open with my working tabs and decided to launch Chrome for that separate streaming window. As soon as I did that Firefox closed my main Firefox window and opened the separate streaming window I was using yesterday in an effort to convince me to close the Chrome window I'd just opened.

It's impossible for me to express how much I abhor being manipulated. But if this happens again, I'm leaving Firefox forever. I seldom look at social media for just that reason. I decide what I do and how I use the tools at my disposal and immediately stop using tools that I believe are manipulating me.

I'm so upset because my workflow has been set back hours if not days, and why? Because I opened a Chrome window. Those dozens of tabs that had been open for days/weeks and don't show up in recent history and can't be reopened easily. Having them pop up when I launched Firefox each morning let me pick up where I left off. Now I can't. I'll have to use my sloppy notes to retrace my steps. It will cost me hours if not days.

Repeating to make my disappointment clear, this is more than inconvenient. The current display in those tabs are place holders and tell me where I was last working in that tab. Now I'll have to retrace my steps in dozens of windows to recreate my work environment.

I won't be complaining again. I'll just leave if this happens again.

Oh, and I'm not interested in getting into any discussions with other users or anybody at Firefox unless you can tell me how to easily restore my destroyed work environment.



Making moves

If you have recent backups of your system from before losing all your windows, you can dig in the Firefox files and restore your application state. I'm sorry I don't have more detail than that, it's been a while since I had to do it (and their location probably varies by platform), but I did manage it. I hope you can get your windows back!

Making moves

nikgervae, thanks for the response and suggestions for recovering from my loss. I've recovered. Only Mozilla can address the problem I described by being more respectful of their customer's desires and less driven by their desire to influence your behavior.