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Advertisement on Mozilla startpage

Making moves

I don't like to see offers for commercial advertisments, e.g. today:

Get 20% off for Moziall VPN, click here...

I clicked to "Why do I see this page" (in german) and the explanation states there isn't and won't be ever advertisement on the start page. Seems Mozilla breaks their own good rules.

Strange. Not nice.



Hi Paul, was it ? I got that one after the latest update.

After an update, Firefox usually loads a page that has some kind of information about Mozilla products or initiatives.

The article also mentions how to turn them off:


Making moves


Thank you very much for your quick response! 🙂

Yes, it was an update from Ubuntu.

I opened your link. It is shows in German:

-> "Beinhalten Willkommensseiten jemals Werbung oder gesponserten Inhalt?"
"Nein, nie. Diese Seiten zeigen ausschließlich Firefox-Inhalte."

So it claims "No, it never contains ads." which is kind of violated.

I think users don't like to see this advertisment. It would be nice if Mozilla stick to their own rules. So users don't turn off the welcome pages. I think the pages are rather good than bad.