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add-ons updates / privacy on the FF

Making moves

If it really is essential to keep the browser and its extensions updated, what has happened with some security vendor extensions, where they are not updated but even the vendor has reported that it has sent new updates months ago and Mozilla has not forwarded this. What's happen? I understand that there are bureaucratic steps, but keeping the software updated is an essential information security practice. And the second point would be about detecting trackers, I believe we could have new partnerships with associations, development of new resources or even open sources where the user can configure or even have some options available This is already very visible in other browsers.
Companies that are not concerned with the issue of privacy bypass the main tools and advanced features that are already very well known to them. I open this discussion so that we can evolve in terms of freedom, security and also privacy.

I call on everyone to take a look at this and lead to an evolution!



Hi, are the extensions hosted on the Mozilla Add-ons site? For most of them, the developer can push an update with very quick approval (due to algorithmic review). In other cases, it may take several days for a human to check their code. Definitely not months.

Regarding trackers, I'm not sure what your idea is. Do you want to add more control to the Enhanced Tracking Protection feature?


In the Extension Manager, you can elect to receive extension updates automatically when they are available.