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Accessibility Features

Making moves

Google Chrome has an entire page of options that can be enabled by tabbing through the browser. The first is to allow full tab access to go through the browser controls and web content. The second puts a highlight on the content tabbed to, which is very useful for website drop down menus. And so on. It also allows for zoom text only so people can read without messing up the whole website. I have been building a generally accessible website and silly things like the highlight color vs background color are very often an issue. People should not need to give up a god browser like Firefox because they cannot type to set up compact mode, or cannot even SEE to find it. Accessibility is NOT just a nice thing to do, it is a legal requirement. Please see WCAG2 for a list of guidelines. Although this is not a mandatory standard to meet, it does provide you with the basic features that provide reasonable use for disabled people. Thank you.