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115.3.1 (64-bit) - deleting/moving emails to other folders causes weird 'jumps' in the email list

Making moves

Have had 115.3.1 (64-bit) installed a few days now.  I have a lot of email accounts and a lot of folders/subfolders created to categorize emails.  I noticed with this new version that whenever I delete an email or drag/drop it from one folder to another that the list of emails of the folder I am currently in 'jumps' and has really strange behavior.  It is extremely annoying as I am always dragging/dropping emails to other folders and deleting some... so I have to manually scroll back to where I was in the email list of the older every single time.  Been using TB for many many years now and never had this issue.  I hope this can be rectified in an update.


Making moves

I should have added in this is happening for 'local' folders/subfolders.

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I don't like the new version so I checked off automatic install new version. Then I went and reinstalled the version I am happy with, which is 102.11.1 (64-bit) installing a new version. It should have left my original settings alone. I don't like icons I like to see the icons with some form of words next to them what they represent. Leave things alone do not broken. Update the security on the program. There's no need to interfere with anything else that I doubt anybody else complained about it, stop the programmers from doing this. They think it's cool it's not. Just reinstall your other version and click off install updates automatically in the settings it will have to ask you each and every time. If you want update and I always click, not now. Hope that helps you.

I agree with most of what you said.  I changed some settings around and have things 'kind of' back to the way they were, but with that said there was absolutely nothing wrong with the previous versions as far as looks and usability.  This is an email client - usability and productivity should be first and foremost.  I definitely know I am spending more time with this new version/layout than before - you could say I was used to the old style, but I personally think it was better.

Making moves

i've noticed you can ONLY drag emails from your inbox to a folder one at a time, instead of highlighting a block of them. This is a major glitch, even when deleting old emails in one block highlight. Please fix!


Making moves

I didn't like the new version so I checked the automatic installation of the new version. Then I reinstall the version I like which is 102.11.1 (64-bit) by installing the new version. I should have left my initial setup as it is. I don't like icons, I like to see text-shaped icons next to the ones they represent. Leave it alone, don't let it break. Update the security of the program. Don't care about anything else, I doubt others will complain, stop programmers from doing that. They think it's good, right? Reinstall your other versions and click Install updates automatically in settings. This version will ask you every time. If you want to update and I click on, not now. Hope this helps you.


Making moves

I can't believe there hasn't been an update to fix this yet.  Anyone over at Mozilla want to respond mentioning this is at least being looked into and corrected?  SUPER annoying especially for someone that uses their email all day long... constantly having to scroll my list back to where I was over and over again.

I just discovered this new annoyance -- what in blazes is happening at Mozilla that we're dealing with not one (this one) but two (the bizarre italic-jump-to-left-margin) malfunctions with the latest update. With no resolution, weeks later. I'm now in the never update again camp, but I'm hesitant to reinstall an older version (who knows what I might lose and not get back?). ARGH!

Making moves

Moving large amount of email from Web to local folders is slow.

It seems a GUI problem.

As soon as you move and change the view to another folder, the move is as fast as the old Tb-versions.

The GUI-Update while moving must be disables!