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115.2.x - Everything got worse!

Making moves

Besides the absolutely ugly, confusing interface, which has been discussed here in the forum enough, some functions don't work anymore. Due to the repositioning of many elements, a fast, smooth workflow is also no longer possible.

As was to be expected, 115.2.3 does not bring any improvement in this case either!

Please, please provide a downgrade to the old, working version.


Making moves

I agree.  Is there an easy way to downgrade?

Making moves

I agree. This is a really crappy "upgrade". It should be called a downgrade. I can't remove e-mails without jumping to another e-mail a few days earlier. I can't tag my e-mails without causing a shift in how my e-mails are presented in the table format. There are too many issues. Please go back to the old format. This new format belongs in the trash heap of software programming.