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Status: New idea

It would be helpful to have a native Firefox browser split workspace functionality with the following features:

· Provide a button or context menu option to turn the split workspace on or off.

· The division only applies within the area where the web content is displayed. Not to be confused with splitting the browser window and displaying two windows.

· The work area division can be divided and displayed in vertical (left and right) or horizontal (up and down) mode. This option would offer flexibility depending on the position of the monitor (vertical or horizontal).

· There is a visual border that highlights the side that has focus (active side).

· Menu and taskbar options apply actions to the active side (has focus). Example reload the side with focus. Return to previous page on the side with focus.

· There is an option to activate the functionality of independent scroll bars between each side.

· There is an option to activate the movement of the scroll bars in synchronized proportion between each side. Example: If I move the scroll bar down in area 1 (left), the scroll bar in area 2 also moves down proportionally. This functionality would be useful in scenarios where you are comparing files that are edited online or simultaneously viewing PDF files.

· There is an option to swap display sides of work areas. That is, passing the left or upper side to its respective opposite. Example: move from left to right and vice versa; or move from top to bottom and vice versa.

· The dividing line between each side can be adjustable with the cursor. Make one side wider, for the vertical case or make one side taller, for the horizontal case. This functionality can allow the simultaneous display of two pages and take advantage of those that have a responsive web design.







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