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Making moves
Status: New idea

In the form of an idea, when you search for the exact text of an error, such as the example in the subject, there should be some result.

I know the current Firefox version is 122 and a couple of my computers have updated successfully, but not so much on this one.

I wish for your success, but I don't see how you can succeed or even survive on this path... In this specific case, I wish I could donate to a specific project to fix something. Better reporting of "internal error"? An improvement in the search results? However the only donation option I am aware of is to throw money at Firefox, where donations will continue to be used for things I don't care about at all--except when they are things that make the browser buggier or more problematic, which is worse. That makes it feel like a kind of sunk cost fallacy?

Real problem may be that my motivations are fundamentally negative, though I can word them in a positive way. I like freedom and want more freedom, and therefore I hate and do not want to use any of the browsers that I perceive as attacking my freedom. Of course none of the (increasingly limited) browser options are (or can be) perfect, but to the best of my knowledge Firefox is the least bad one available at this time... That, plus inertia.