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Making moves
Status: New idea

Right now, the context menu for extensions/add-ons looks like this:


Some suggestions:

- Remove "Report Extension" - this is (hopefully) rarely required, and is too easy to accidentally click! If you need to report an add-on, it can be done in about:addons anyways

- Add "Disable Extension" - I think this is a pretty common use case, for troubleshooting, testing etc

- Remove "Remove Extension" (maybe?) - I think "Manage Extension" can be used instead, and the extension can be removed from there.

Worth noting that some extensions have a lot of user data stored - which gets wiped when an extension is removed (doesn't get re-instated even if you re-install the extension).

BTW, extensions vs add-ons: are they interchangable - are they the same thing? It's a bit muddy!

Status changed to: New idea
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Making moves

The thing is, disabling the add-on will disable its toolbar button as well. So, maybe just shorten the menu up to this:


Maybe also add a separate option to quickly open add-on options, if they're available either through a iframe (shows as a category in the add-on page) or a separate page (currently buried behind the "..." menu, for some reason):