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At the moment, #Thunderbird does not have true threaded conversations but more a simplistic form of threading where it only takes received emails and groups them together. Thunderbird needs true threaded conversations (which includes your own sent emails) built-in by default. Conversations is a feature that is available by default in most modern email clients like GMail, Outlook, and more so the lack of this feature in Thunderbird really stands out as missing something critical.

Here is an addon that tries to compensate for Thunderbird not having this feature but this has issues of its own.

Thunderbird used to be the go to email client for recommending but now it is far behind in modern features. I think this is one of those features that Thunderbird needs to compete in the current modern email client space.

Link to a bug report I made on this subject over 2 years ago:

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this would be amazing!!

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Lack of true conversation threads is the biggest complaint I hear about Thunderbird. All my friends and family are used to Gmail's interface thanks to decades of dominance by Google. Now when I try to get them off Google with an alternate email host and Thunderbird they find reading and managing threads frustrating and confusing.

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Would this also solve the issue where a reply with a new subject is grouped in the same thread as the message replied to? Or would that be a different idea?

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@Toolworker, completely different