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Status: New idea

Collections should have a grid option - like groups on chrome. Or them showing on the homepage can be optional

It'd be nice to have groups(like chrome tabs in tab) in a "pocket" icon in a corner that we don't want active right now(sorta like one tab, put a pocket space of grid tabs and tab groups), and tab groups/pages in grids like chrome in the main page when we open the app which is active webpages.

So - Collections on homepage (grid/list option), grid with tabh in tab grouping

- Collections in hidden pocket space, accessible through an icon sorta like onetab(with grid and list option)

- collections in main page ( as in webpages, with grouping like chrome - in grid, with tabh in tab, or single tab options)

We can store collections in homepage - move them to pocket space by press n slide to the icon, or group them together normally (as in chrome).


Sorry for saying like chrome as much, I really like firefox and not chrome, but wanted to give reference cuz we really need groups tabs and panorama.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Absaiei1920 we have a team currently working on tab groups right now. We also have a main thread for the idea here: Native Tab Grouping / More Customizable Tab bar 

Feel free to check it out and add your input. These insights are regularly being shared with the team.