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Status: New idea

Hello! Please, implement the built-in speed dial, like in Opera and Vivaldi. It's extremely convenient and useful, lots of people need this. I've been using Firefox for more than 10 years and I hate your stupid "Firefox Home" page (sorry) on desktop and Android with icons that add automatically and I can't change and locate. It's inconvenient and completely useless. It would be great if you create something like Opera 12.17 or 12.18 had. In addition, please remove the "close" button in the last tab. I know that I can do it via the "config mode" (browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab), but it's not user-friendly. It's inconvenient when you close the tab just to return home, but the whole browser closes. It makes me nervous. Thank you in advance! You are doing a great job, wish you good luck, and hope that one day Firefox will be more popular than Chromium-based browsers.

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I had been using firefox till cancellation of FVD Speed Dial application. I changed to chrome. When you change your policy agaist to speed dial kind applications, I will return to firefox, and I am waiting for this. 

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Not having speed dial like opera is the only thing that is stopping me from using firefox. I shifted to bromite because of this. Please consider implementing built-in speed dial.