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Hi, recently I just start to use Firefox...again. So, I notice Firefox already have the feature where user can register and login to sync their browser settings, but not all apparently. Please sync all settings once the user login to Firefox browser, like bookmarks, saved passwords, browsing history, browser appearances (light theme, dark theme, customized toolbar), so that when I use Firefox in another PC/laptop, I just need to login to my Firefox browser, and it will be appeared 100% exactly like the previous Firefox in my previous PC/laptop. Chrome does this, and I hope Firefox will too.

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I've had to reinstall Windows and all the software I need for work multiple times due to corruption issues. It would be nice if the browser settings were saved with the account. The only benefit of having an account is for bookmarks. Why not save the local browser settings for the device type. Having one less program that I have to go through and change all the settings would be appreciated. Be a step ahead of Google's Chrome.

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I'll drink to that. Sync needs to be improved to take advantage of the multi-platform strength.

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I think so as well. thanks!

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With every Firefox (re)installation, I spend 15-20 minutes going through all the settings to fix those that didn’t sync. Sync picks up most of them but five or ten settings slip through the cracks.

Sync ALL settings and extensions so that NO changes need to be made and I would be incredibly impressed. What a specular user experience that would be!

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I think the settings that are already synced are reasonable enough, especially when so many crucial settings are hardware specific.

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