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It's so much friendlier to have a dedicated bar at the bottom, than to have things popping in and out on top of the loaded page.  They're far more difficult to read without the solid grey background and they often interfere with what I'm trying to read or interact with.  There is no reason to have it removed.  It doesn't save 'desperately needed space' in any way.

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there's so many sites that have buttons and seemingly innocuous flat parts of the page that you dont know where the heck the sudo-link is taking you.

One big culprit is Amazon Help. yes the shop you can see the link when hovering, but the help pages just dont show the URL in the status bar or anywhere. DANGEROUS in my opion. if they can bypass status bar..  think what unscrupulous bad actors can do.  😬

Strollin' around

i replied to this citing an example from a VERY big online seller website. but when i 'posted my comment' here, the site said it was waiting approval.. then ... nothing. 😞

anyway, Using FLEX, any website can hide where the URL /link the user is clicking, directs to by just not notifying the visual elements of the browsers renderer. This is dangerous. and shady.  Please dont let this activity persist. If a user doesn't know where the browser is headed, it really harms privacy, and security.


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Yes, please bring back the status bar. Make it togglable so no one is forced to have it if they don't want it. I still can't get used to doing without it. I want a definition to the bottom of the window, I want to see the urls on hover without covering part of the existing web page.

And I want to know why it was removed in the first place? Is there some security issue?

I go on a desperate search for an addin or technique every couple of years. Why would anyone mind if I have a status bar? Please bring it back!