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Firefox browser navigation issue. Quality of life improvement.

If I press Tab or CTRL+E and focus on search bar or buttons in the browser window, I am unable to exit focus (deselect Search Bar or buttons by pressing ESC. I believe pressing ESC to deselect Search Bar and return focus to the webpage should be the default behavior.

This causes problems in extension like Vimium (webpage navigation via keyboard) because when I am not in the webpage focus (when address bar, buttons (blue border around button) or search bar is selected) I am not able to use Vimium shortcuts to navigate the page. I checked and verified that I have not overwritten any Firefox native keyboard shortcuts with extensions.

I would like to be able to press ESC to return deselect search bar and return focus to the webpage.


For now, you could consider using the F6 function key to switch between the address bar and the page.

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@M-Kuzovic  OMG can't believe someone else not only noticed this but also logged an idea here! It's been annoying me on and off lately.

I tested Chrome and Edge and they behave nicely, it's just Firefox where you get stuck in the address bar.

FYI I use Alt+D to select the address bar - same behaviour.

@jscher2000While the F6 method does return focus back to the webpage, it loses your "place" on the page (eg if you TAB to a link on the page, hit F6 to focus address bar, F6 again to go back to page, the link you selected before is forgotten)

Again, Chrome and Edge work fine.

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F6 is reserved for monitor brightness control on my system.

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Are there any good reasons as to why this hasn't been implemented yet? All other browsers have this functionality, and it is super unintuitive and cumbersome that you can't just press escape to unfocus the search bar.