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As is shown in screenshot, someone would be able to remove/add new entries at a whim, for example right clicking an entry and selecting remove , or having + to add or x to remove buttons added somewhere in that part of the interface.
There could be a manager to control it- more complex to program, but would get the job done.
From my perspective, I use these suggestions a lot- would be nice to have more control over them.


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When you click the in the address bar and have not yet typed anything for Firefox to match off of, it displays the first 8-10 shortcuts from the Shortcuts section of the built-in Firefox Home / new tab page.

Currently, you can only edit that list by going to the Firefox Home / new tab page. See:

It would be convenient if you didn't have to, but adding the editing tools into the drop-down could be cumbersome. Perhaps it would be helpful to add an edit button that loads the Firefox Home page for you, or brings up a dedicated editing panel.