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New member
Status: New idea

I think we need some better tutorials that are uptodate for the e-mail program Thunderbird.
Example the official tutorial talk about Enigma addon but this have been discontinued since
thunderbird now have openPGP build into it.
Honestly i can make a key easy, but i dont know what to do about  S/mime certificates or s/mine security products.
Also when i try to send an e-mail to anyone i get the message i need to load their public key.

Basicly i dont know what i want to do, but what i would like to do is to send an e-mail with my public decrypition key and then the recievers e-mail program ( any ) should recognize my decrypt key and save it and then open the mail automatic. When people click reply people should get a choice popu window to send regulare email or encrypted e-mail and then everything should happen automatic.
I once recived such an self decrypting e-mail from our government and it was smart and worked instant just by clicking a button. I would like to be able to do the same.
I like such a feature and also tutorial how to setup things " that is up to date".  😉