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Status: New idea

Hi there devs,

So, I've been getting these pop-ups when I start firefox for the first time, asking me if I want to start up a firefox browser window when windows starts up. (After powering up my computer)

Personally, I don't like when applications start up in the beginning. I like to open them when I need them.

So, when there isn't an option to basically say "not ever", basically shutting down the question being asked daily right at the moment, it is a little irritating.

Not seeing that option in settings. Is it something that you all put together? (If so, can you give me the option to turn the suggestion off) Or is it something that Windows thinks that I want somehow? And putting the pop-up at the top of the firefox window itself... somehow?

Thanks for your time and effort.

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+1, also had a visceral reaction when seeing the "not now". this wording is commonly used when my decision is NOT respected and i can expect to be annoyed again and again until i agree. i don't expect this to happen here, but this is worrisome sign