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Making moves
Status: New idea

Hello to all the Greater Mozilla Community!
I hope I can explain my ideas well:
unlike Chrome, Firefox Push Notifications, using a Screen Reader, in my case Nvda, are not reachable.
There is also an Nvda Addon to interact with them, but in Read Only Mode, in practice they are listed, but, by clicking on them or pressing Enter from the keyboard, they do not open and therefore you cannot access the content, whether it is Youtube, Twitter or other site.
Then, in the Configuration Editor, in
I activated Notifications like Chrome does, in practice from the Windows Notification Center, by changing the string
Excellent, I can read the Notifications, but why, when I click on them, does Firefox open with the specific page only the first time?
Then all other notifications, wherever they come from, when clicked or hit Enter, do not open in Firefox with the notified page.
So my request is:
Is it possible to make Nvda interact with push notifications from within Firefox?
So I would keep the native function and report the value of
Alternatively, is there a native Firefox Accessibility Addon that would interact correctly and fully with Push Notifications?
Or again, as a third possibility:
can you make sure that all Push Notifications arriving in Windows, keeping the Custom value, open correctly and not just the first time?
Windows 11 Insider at 64 and Firefox always up to date.
I am available for any clarification, if I may give it.
Thank you for your invaluable work!


Status changed to: New idea
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Making moves

A sincere and heartfelt thanks for your appreciation, to you, John and all the Mozilla Community!