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The internet now accounts for a significant portion of global CO2 emissions, currently more than the entire global airline industry. It will soon be responsible for more emissions than the automobile, if it's not already.

The rapid rise in the amount of data storage and transmission is a key driver of this increased environmental impact.

There are 2 experimental web standards that have at least partial support from Chrome, Edge, and Opera browers. These are:

1. The CSS media query


 2. The HTML header


Both of these allow users to let websites know that they would like a lighter version of a page.

It would be great if Firefox introduced support for these as a way to encourage adoption and use. Options like these not only have the potential benefit of reducing carbon emissions related to data storage and transmission, but they could also keep older, slower devices out of the e-waste stream.

This reduces the emissions associated with device manufacturing, as well as the many environmental impacts from mining of the raw materials that go into those devices.

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Making moves

I think that the maintenance and operation of the Internet is based on the constant and continuous operation of servers and their disks/chips for storing or transmitting data - they always work, regardless of whether you are transmitting a lot of media data or just text.  They will not work idly (going into economy or sleep modes, and then back - this takes time, this will slow down the speed of processing billions of requests and transactions) because there are many requests at once, i.e.  billion and they constantly need to be “on duty” for new requests and transactions... In short, this will not give anything,
 however, it can speed up the work of end-user gadgets {text is processed faster than heavy media such as push, flash, QHD, 4k, etc.  }, as the speed of the browser and as a result of the device itself, their processors will not be so loaded (and will heat up less as well) ...