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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Read the lead-in for context, or go to bottom for important privacy and safety feature.

Today I was dragging a file (icon) from one side of my desktop to the other.  I happened to have Firefox in the middle of my screen with the Google home page open, and had to drag the file I was moving over top of Firefox to the other side of my desktop.  You probably know where this is heading....  Google has a nice feature:  the "drag an image here or upload a file" box popped up, which would happily automatically grab my file, upload it to Google, and do a search on it for me.  To be fair, this particular Google page would only upload something with a common image extension, not just any file, but you can easily extend this example to any other "drag and drop to upload {any file you like}" scenario on some other website.  If I had accidentally released the mouse button over top of Firefox, my file would have inadvertently gone public!  It occurred to me that if it was a private picture or any sort of personal information, that I had just done a potentially DANGEROUS thing dragging it over Firefox.

Important feature request for privacy, security, and safety sake...

If possible, please add an option (perhaps defaulted to true), to prompt before uploading a file that is dropped on top of Firefox.


Think:  If I were a Black Hat and casting a wide net on click-bait or other sketchy websites, it would be so simple to add this as another "trap" on all of my pages, hoping somebody might fly over with a file in their hand and accidentally dropping it.  Ooops!

Status changed to: New idea
Community Manager
Community Manager

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Interesting idea.

For now, you could consider injecting a script like the following into web pages, perhaps by converting it to a userscript:


document.body.addEventListener('drop', function(evt){
	if (!confirm('Allow drop?')){
}, true);