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Making moves
Status: New idea

Hey, i believe the addons store should have some sort of privacy-grading system on Addons, possibly somebody manually reading monitored addons or a chatgpt like system to auto grade an extensions privacy and trustworthiness rating. Like if the privacy policy says "Big brother will be watching you (if you install the extension)" then that extension can get a 1* rating etc.

Status changed to: New idea
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Familiar face

Every addon that is displayed has gone through a code review to ensure it complies with the policies set u-p by Mozilla.  See

Given how strict these policies are, I don't really see any value in a rating system.  Any threat to privacy beyond that which is clearly stated in the add-on simply means it is not approved for listing.


Making moves

@MattAuSupportthere are huge privacy policies and possibly even code for some addons and something might slip in the end, telling end users to trust gpl more then proprietary license is probably better then just leaving them in the open, also some extensions such as the ones from antivirus companies probably send all stuff you do to their servers and label that as "necessary" in their privacy policies, it'd then not be much good to not let them publish their addon on the extension store as they're in theory complying with all the requirements as long as it's in their privacy policies.