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Status: New idea

With the last update, message threads got introduced. 

I can turn them off per folder, but I would like to turn the option off in its entirety. No message threads.

There is no option for that right now. Could you please add one? More users are struggling with this. 

Kind regards!

Community Manager
Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

New member

Hi, I found a working setting

Set to 0 the setting:  mailnews.default_view_flags

0: New folders will default to Unthreaded.

0: New folders will default to Threaded.




New member

Every time I get a new email that COULD thread it does. I turn it off with VIEW--->Unthreaded for Inbox and it does it again next time anyway and I have to do it again. HATE it.

New member

avasant:  You need to follow the procedure described by irm on November 18 and in greater details by me on October 6.  That should solve the problem permanently.  I has for me and others who tried it.

New member

Found it, thank you!!

Making moves

Thunderbird has forced Threads on us as the Default. What so many people are saying is that Threads is a terrible option. We WANT THAT GONE!! I should NOT have to figure out how to disable Threads. Thunderbird should NEVER have made it the default.

New member

Great tip but I can't find that in Thunderbird settings so I have to unthread each folder individually and every time there's an upgrade I seem to need to start all over again.

In my opinion threads are only good for people who can't organize their emails. Apart from that these days EVERYBODY is forced into using emails and the internet regardless of their IT skill and what little skill I had has drastically declined since I retired and no longer have easy access to people who know more than me.

But IT wizkids don't care about their customers. The constant changing and upgrading merely keeps them in a job.

Making moves

I hate the threading feature. I turn it off, and it comes back on. Folder after folder, subfolder after subfolder. It's enough to make me consider using another mail client (after 10+ years). I don't care if you support threading, just support NOT threading.

New member

For the love of GOD, will you please either do away with this 'threading' thing entirely, or at least add a way to turn it off for all emails completely!!!!???

Familiar face

What do you want to stop threading?

If it's the webrender go to config editor and change gfx.webrender.multithreading to false.