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Status: New idea

Please provide a direct bookmark menu button in the Android version.
Mozilla is the best browser for me. For many years. I have a large bookmark menu. It is mirrored in the Android version after synchronization. Also available. But only accessible with 4 laborious steps. That is not worthy of Firefox. 1 button, 1 way directly to the synchronized menu in the Android version. That would be perfect. Franky.

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Making moves

The only problem is that available space is really limited in the mobile toolbar.

The best way I think would be to allow a little customization of the toolbar to allow people choose what they really need. There should be at least a bookmark and close current tab button available if wanted.

Making moves

I've posted Options to add a Back(<), Forward(>), Add(☆) and show menu(=) button (Android)

Maybe that's interesting for you. There could also be an optional bookmark menu button.

Strollin' around

> The only problem is that available space is really limited in the mobile toolbar.

Actually no. Mozilla should recognize that Android tablets exist. There is plenty of space.

For smaller screens there is plenty of space on the new tab page where a bookmark button would be really useful.

Making moves

Still I think the best would be to do the same as on desktop: allow customisation and additional toolbar row that would satisfy everyone without useless bike shedding about which button is really necessary in the toolbar.