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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Please add the rounded corners and borders to the PIP window, like almost all other browsers already have.
It seems that this floating window is the only thing in Firefox that does not follow the system rules (windows 11 in this case).
Right now this can be done in CSS, but there is a problem with the background window, which remains with square corners and this cannot be modified with just CSS..
Well, at least I could not find the way how to deal with this problem.
As a positive moment, this can also help those users who switch from Chrome to Firefox, as they could get used to seeing pip player like that..

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People who want FireFox to behave "like almost all other browsers" should perhaps use another browser. Firefox (and its forks, like Waterfox) is used by people who do not want Chrome, Edge or whatever.

The fact that Microsoft wants to impose a "mobile" interface on desktop or laptop users should not lead all other software publishers (even Linux ! 😞 to follow suit.

Trendy interfaces should not lead to forget ergonomy.

Strollin' around

BTW In order to get rounded corners and a thin border for Firefox PIP player, as a temporary solution, you can use "Mica For Everyone"..
Which is able to force this window to follow the system rules (Windows 11 in my case).


Strollin' around

I just wanted to let you know that the solution using Mica For Everyone is now broken in the last few Nightly builds, although it still works great in a Stable build..
Which makes me believe that this is related to the latest PIP player improvements and new features.
Now, this is not a bug technically, but could someone tell me where I can report this, so that one of the involved in this is able to see and react to it somehow?

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Picture-in-Picture rounded corners

you should make the picture in pictures mini players corners rounded


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