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so ich habe in den Vorschlägen gesucht und leider nichts gefunden ... hier mein Vorschlag

man sollte alle Passwörter extern speichern können und dann auch wieder in die Passwortliste einfügen können. Es geht darum wenn ein neuer Rechner kommt das man wieder anfangen muss alle Passwörter einzugeben, ergo muss man eine externe Liste führen damit man alle Passwörter hat, es wäre also leichter wenn man diese extern speichern könnte und anschließend wieder einfügen könnte.

Ist ein Gedanke

So I looked in the suggestions and unfortunately didn't find anything... here's my suggestion: you should be able to save all passwords externally and then add them back into the password list. The point is that when a new computer arrives you have to start entering all the passwords again, so you have to keep an external list so that you have all the passwords, so it would be easier if you could save them externally and then insert them again.

Is a thought

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These information

Export login data from Firefox

Import login data from a file

And see also Password manager
Import from file...

Other information, just in case
If Import from file... does not appear, to enable it, go to Firefox's configuration editor (the about:config page), look for the preference and set its value to true

Configuration Editor for Firefox

Other information
What information is stored in my profile?

Your passwords are stored in these two files. For more information, see Password Manager - Remember, delete and edit logins and passwords in Firefox.

Hello @Michael4711 ... you can create a Mozilla Account and use sync to backup your data and restore it on a new device. Use the "Sign in" option which you'll find at the top of the application menu to get started. Have you considered this option? If you have, and it does not solve your problem, I would love to discuss further.


-David Rubino, Firefox Product Manager