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New member
Status: New idea

Extended passkey support in Firefox  

1. You can save a passkey to your device, not just as a physical key

2. Passkeys sync between devices just like passwords do

3. If there is no passkey saved to Firefox for a website, fallback to one saved in your iCloud keychain (MacOS)

iCloud passkeys in Safari:



iCloud passkeys in Chrome:


Passkeys in Firefox (currently):






New member

Agree. Synchronizing Passkeys with Firefox should work across different operating systems as seamless as it does with passwords. When using mixed environments of Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, etc., then saving passkeys in the individual OS-specific environment creates a problem as these cannot be synchronized across devices with Firefox.

New member

Syncing Passkeys is essential.
I would never use Passkeys if they are only stored an a single device (Threat of loss, damage...).
The integration using the OS-Eviroment is unsatisfying, because of the lack of using it on other devices/OS.
Please integrate it native in "Firefox Password Manager" to have it synced all over my devices (Android, Windows...).
Thanks for your work!