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Making moves
Status: New idea

Give an option in enhanced tracking protection to block websites.

1. Block a website with all the urls so but also

2. Block website with all the .??? So block but also , and etc.

3. Built-in automatic block websites that contains viruses or other bad things that can harm you like malicious and phishing websites.

I know you have add-ons/extensions to do this but 1. They are not always working. 2. Not everyone knows about those add-ons. 3. Not everyone trust add-ons because they need access to some stuff to let it work. 4. Not everyone wants or are interested in using add-ons at all.

I think this is a useful feature for a browser like firefox.

Status changed to: New idea
Community Manager
Community Manager

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Making moves

I found out that point 3 already exist for desktop but sadly not for mobile so i hope they will add that soon to mobile too.

Making moves

@Agentvirtuelthank you but this isn't available for mobile and I'm not interested to add or change files from a app.