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New member
Status: New idea

Provide an option for users to select a cloud location for sharing their msgFilterRules between different computers so every computer has the same filtering rules.  For example, googledrive/TB/<emailname>.msgFilterRules

Having a single shared msgFilerRules file in the cloud make it so there will be filtering continuity between TBs on different computers.   

Also, there likely will not be any thrashing problems between different filters on different computers using the same email address where the filters may attempt to move emails to back and forth between different folders. 

Providing a cloud msgFilterRules file location option would be a simple and powerful upgrade option that could solve lots of problems many folks have with versioning of message filtering rules between multiple computers that use the same email address.  The stupid solution I've had to use for years is to leave on computer on all the time with TB open and filtering emails on that computer.   However, the problem here4 is there's no option to add or change filtering rules on other computers without creating versioning issues.  It's time this sort of BS kludge fix to have a simple and more elegant cloud solution...