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Status: In review

The latest controversial proton redesign added new two lines tabs, however it haven't been put to great use.

I think we can do better and at the same time bring back the compact mode by merging the search bar and the tab bar.


While we put the url directly into the tabs, other icons could go in the tool bar, making a better use of the window surface.


The url is a clickable text area


and expands to show the full search bar when we start typing.


New member

Please bring back the compact option for all menus in the menu bar: File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools, Help.

Making moves

Such a cool concept to think about, at first glance the first problems I have with it are
- Too little horizontal space if you have more than 3 tabs

- Too little horizontal space if you have multiple extensions

- No easy access to the search bar

- the domain name isn't very obvious (usually used to prevent phishing)

- the URL is where the sound indicator is right now, so one of them has to move

(I think it would work well with vertical tabs but it's not my thing)

With improvements I'm sure it could go somewhere tho

Familiar face

tabs still could hide the url (i wish the address bar could do that and show address on hover, because titles are too lengthy for tabs nowadays. Yandex Browser does that, looks nice)

Looks like unified tab strip in Safari, and I kinda like it Though I'm not sure that current tab should look like an addressbar, the fact that it expands to an address bar on click when it's active is enough for me.

Strollin' around


The number of visible tabs depends on the user, how many icons/extensions are shown ? do you browse windowed or fullscreen ? what's your screen res ? on a 4k display there’s plenty of space !

I probably didn't think about all the use cases but for the domain name we could set a min width on the active tab to have it always visible, for the sound indicator we could place the 🔊 icon below the favicon.

Ultimately the compact mode could just be optional, also the personal bar would still be a thing and could be used to declutter the tab bar for those who prefer it that way, it would remain customizable.



Yeah I got some inspiration from safari, combined with the fact that firefox tabs can have two lines of text I think it can be great.

Not applicable

Please put compact size back. I activated it by goin into about:config.

why the hell would you remove that option??

New member

Give me back my compact spacing

For god's sake why do you think i want to waste all that screen space?  why do you think you know how each individual user prefers to function?  Stop forcing how YOU THINK we should want to work on us when you have no clue about how we actually want things to function efficiently.   This is pretty much the last straw with your browser I'm done.


Firefox has a hidden compact density mode that applies to toolbar height and the spacing of specific panel-style menus (such as the main menu and the bookmarks toolbar drop-downs). If you ever come back to Firefox, you could check it out.

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This work around is not working.

Every time there is an update, there is some kind of monumental useless change.

Why in gods name would someone want double spacing in their drop down menu's so that one has to scroll an extra few miles for something that needed NO CHANGE to begin with!

I am so sick and tired of all these idiotic changes, if it AIN'T BROKE DON'T FIX IT..!

It's not that hard...




Strollin' around

this idea is amazing

Strollin' around

@batata @steel835 @brochard @everyone Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee look at this idea Hi all! I have this idea: "compact bookmark"... if have new-compact-design: