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Status: New idea

Please allow the Address Bar to be MOVED or hidden.

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Podrian hacer que la barra de marcadores solo se muestre cuando uno pasa el puntero por encima? asi como la barra de tarea de windows seria una excelente funcion 

Could you make the bookmarks bar only show when you hover over it? as well as the windows task bar would be an excellent function

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Please add option  "Auto hide address bar and Bookmark bar" and appear again when mouse move to top off screen,

with smooth slide down effect and push hole page to down.

Best regards.

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I have made V2BlankBrowser. It is available on flathub for Linux. V2BlankBrowser delivers two main UI:

1. Floating URLBAR/navigation controls

2. Automatically hidding URLBAR/navigation controls


Mozilla offers PRISM many years ago, but project is abandon. When clean up browser UI, maybe there would not be need to provide extra tools to use some games/other web apps.

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Community Manager

Also, similar idea here: Show / hide button for bookmarks bar 

Strollin' around

Make address bar collapsible


Like the windows taskbar that disappears unless you hover over it.


Real estate. The tab bar (or whatever it's called) is already too thick after the update. If you can't make it collapsable at least make both of them thinner.

That should be such an obvious and intuitive thing to pursue. The browser is pretty great, but that would certainly elevate it a notch or two at least in terms of tidiness and pleasantness of use. Afterall we're all staring at that thing 99% of the time while we are using your wonderful software on our PCs.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Some similar ideas to free up screen real estate:

New Compact Design 

Allow resizing of the UI