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i live in russia and now russia blocks facebook, twitter, instagram. people use vpn. russia blocks vpns. i used to use proxy server by finding them in free proxy lists, but now seems they are all blocked. so, i want to use vpn. vpn works ok in android. my android phone does not share vpn connection via hotspot. so, i want to install vpn on laptop. i use linux. there is built-in interface for vpn, i tried some free vpn with it, but it worked very slowly, as i remember. there are lots of free vpns in firefox addons, but they are not acceptable for me, because all of them which i saw request "Access your data for all websites". as i understand, that means, they even can get login and password of websites, and also cookies, and they can post and delete as me in the sites i use. why do they require that permission? i think it is to show ads. i do not want to install vpn app on linux, because it will have access to files on file system, unless i block it, but that blocking is not easy job. meanwhile vpn apps on android do not require any permission and still work for free. why firefox addons also do not work for free without requiring too much personal information? android apps can show ads in their window. seems, firefox addons has not enough possibilities to show ads. if this is true, i propose the idea to make special interface and api for addons to show ads.