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Status: New idea

Chrome allows this customization by having a menu option for focusing the URL bar("File -> Open Location..."). This defaults to Cmd+L (like Firefox) and you can customize built-in shortcuts natively ("System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> App Shortcuts") on MacOS. With Chrome and Brave I've simply switched around Cmd+D to "Open Location" and Cmd+L to "Bookmark This Tab".

I assume this (a simple menu entry) would be a trivial addition? The lack of this[0] is in fact the only reason that keeps me from switching to Firefox (I love containers). Using Alt+D on Linux for years and later Cmd+D on Mac has made this deeply ingrained in my muscle memory (I keep my thumb resting on Alt on Linux and Cmd on Mac by default).

Cmd+L sucks since it requires me to either use two hands or switch to use only the right hand - which usually rests on the touchpad - resulting in quite a jump. I know F6 works as well but that's also a two-hand operation (since it involves the Fn key).

This would enable me to finally contribute to the fight against Chrome's browser monopoly. 🙏

[0] I have tried various add-ons as well as modifying omni.ja, all without success.

Status changed to: New idea
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Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

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Seems like it would be low-hanging fruit to implement, but this idea still might not get enough traction.

Would I get notified if the status of this changes (to "In review" or whatever)? Or do I need to check back here (or try Firefox) every now and then?

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I would DEFINITELY like to see this feature implemented.  Would be very nice to be able to use "Control-L" instead of "Command-L"!  Thanks.